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LCC Financial Information 

At the Annual Meeting on the 12th May 2022, Llangammarch Community Council resolved that it was eligible for General Power Of Competence, having met the criteria according to the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021

*2021-2022 Audit was carried out under the new Welsh Audit 3-year cycle.

This comprised full physical inspection of all documents.

the following two years, the audits will be basic.

Where does your money go?

2022-23 Precept

This year's precept was set at £11,800 and comprises:

Clerk salary & training:              3900

Hall Rent (meetings)                   200

Office Services                            400

Councillor Training                      200

Councillor Allowances               1150

Services                                    1250

(Welsh Audit, Insurance, OVW, SLCC)                 Hall Grants                                  500

Donations                                    500

Toilets & Cleaner                       2500

Plants                                          400

Asset Maintenance                      500

Events                                         200

Playground inspection etc           490

Total                                       £12190

Bursaries                                   £190

Income  (VAT Refund)               £200


        £12190-£390 = £11,800


Declaration of Councillors' Payments (IRPW)




Your Rights in Wales :

Council Accounts

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