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Community Councillors


Kay Coldrick    


Jon Hather      


Mairwen Price            01591 620320


Anne Woods    


(Liberal Democrat)

Nicola Jones   

Clare Butterfield-Elsey  


Kees Vugts*    

Shaun Hughes*

* Indicates 'Co-opted'


Clerk - Sue Lilly




The Clerk, Llangammarch Community Council

'Llanddewi', Cefn Gorwydd, Llangammarch, LD4 4DN

Tel: 01591 610792

Council Committees:

Planning Committee:
Cllrs Coldrick, Cllr Woods plus any other councillor to give a quorum of 3.

Asset Committee:
Cllrs Hather, Coldrick and Price

Finance Committee:
Cllrs Woods, Hather and Coldrick

Disciplinary Committee:
Cllrs Butterfiled-Elsey, Price and one other.

Environmental and Biodiversity Working Party:
Residents with expertise and interest

Committee Terms of Reference - agreed 2021


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